First short-term joint staff training event – Chania, Greece, February 25 – March 1, 2019

The first MILAN short-term joint staff training event was held at Technical University of Crete / Laboratory of Distributed Multimedia Information Systems and Applications (TUC/MUSIC). It covered their expertise in information systems, e-learning and mobile learning systems and methodologies within the scope of MILAN training system development. The aim of this training event was to teach other project partners representatives on, among others, how they can apply the blended learning approach supported by MILAN training platform, for the development of training activities and training materials supported by multimedia as an effective means of learning, and their presentation and on-line distribution, to fit different learning needs. The training event included presentations, training courses, hands-on sessions and discussion workshops, as well as study visits to relevant labs of the Technical University of Crete.

The main points of the training event agenda were the following: 

  • e-learning methodologies – Blended learning and models,
  • building a common language (Learning Objects and granularity, Learning Content Models & standards, Learning Content Management Systems (LCMS) vs. Learning Management Systems (LMS)),
  • e-learning courses design (Instructional design o Learning Styles, Bloom’s Taxonomy, Task analysis, Form of learning resources and course structuring),
  • e-learning systems and tools for developing, managing and delivering e-learning courses: successful implementations of related projects & solutions,
  • hands-on Workshop – Testing the solutions presented,
  • overview of Computer Graphics and Simulation Research (VR/AR) at TUC/MUSIC Lab – Demos,
  • visit to Transformable Intelligent Environments Laboratory (TUC TIE Lab), School of Architecture,
  • visit to Micromachining and Manufacturing Modelling Lab (TUC M3 Lab), School of Production Engineering and Management,
  • networking with related projects in progress: Participation of the Directorate of Secondary Education in Chania under the Ministry of Education (responsible among others for all Vocational Lyceums – EPAL) and presentation of their related projects.