Second short-term joint staff training event – Białystok, Poland, May 13-17, 2019

The second MILAN short-term joint staff training event was at the Bialystok University of Technology. The training event, organised by the Faculty of Computer Science covered their expertise in digital media engineering and computer graphics, with the scope of MILAN training system development.

The aim of this training event was to teach other project partners representatives, among others, utilisation of advances ICT technologies for delivery and presentation of multimedia materials containing AR/VR content.

The main points of the training event agenda were the following:

  • e-learning platforms – review and discussion,
  • effectiveness in developing and managing of materials – discussion,
  • fundamentals of Computer Graphics and Biometrics,
  • unity platform Fundamentals of AR/VR – workshop,
  • D-tech AR solutions for Industry – as an example of using technology to provide information to employees using augmented reality,
  • ALNEA VR solution for Industry – Virtual reality visualizations of production lines,
  • Networking on ICT technologies for delivery and presentations of multimedia materials containing AR/VR content,
  • example of application VR technology in gaming and education – visit Riftcat company,
  • visit to laboratories of Bialystok Science and Technology Park,
  • Multimedia exhibition Wersal Północy wśród dźwięków i świateł (Muzeum Historyczne). Multimedia exhibition „Białystok młodego Zamenhofa” (Centrum Ludwika Zamenhofa),
  • summary, conclusions and evaluation of the training event.