Second Transnational Project Meeting – Chania, Greece, August, 29-30,2019

The second transnational project meeting was held at Technical University of Crete.

The main purpose of the meeting was to finalize works of Case studies and MILAN Curricula, prepare plans for MILAN Training Content and Training Network Platform, and review of current project status and resources utilization.

During the meeting the following issues were discussed:

  • Intellectual Outputs,
  • quality management plan,
  • internal project evaluation,
  • dissemination activities and plans for the future,
  • important matters from the evaluation of the first report,
  • activities related to the implementation of subsequent outputs:
    • O1 (decision about developing report of O1 with additional content),
    • O2 (presentation of a template MILAN curricula, discussion of its structure and content),
    • O3 (presentation and discussion about course and training material, analysis of examples),
    • O4 (presentation of examples of platforms that contain traditional multimedia content VR and AR examples utilizing WebVR and WebAR technologies that enable VR/AR experiences using the browser from any device),
    • O5 (discussion about training methodology),
  • concept of utilisation of EQAVET framework for proper evaluation of project and project outcomes together with template of the IER (Internal Evaluation Report); dissemination and promotion issues: current status of the project web site, leaflets, partner’s organizations web sites.

The assumed goals have been achieved and as a result of the meeting the action list for the next 5 months was created.