Third Transnational Project Meeting – Bardejov, Slovakia, January 16-17, 2020

The third transnational project meeting was held in Spojena skola Juraja Henischa.

The main purpose of the meeting was to review a project status, distribution of work before preparation of interim report, improvement of dissemination activities and utilisation of project resources. Main agenda items: Intellectual Outputs 2-5, dissemination activities and plans, quality management and internal project evaluation. 

During the meeting the following issues were discussed: 

  • important matters regarding the current state of the project and next steps that have to be done according the plan,
  • presentation of Intellectual Outputs and main tasks:
  • O2 – MILAN Curricula: PIAP presented a template for the development of MILAN curricula in the form of syllabus. As development of technology in this area is very fast, it was decided that the concept of the lessons list included in the MILAN project proposal would be verified. PIAP, with help of TUKE prepared and discussed the new syllabus of the MILAN training course,
  • O3 – MILAN Training content: TUC presented an example of a template to be followed for the organization and development of MILAN courses and training material,
  • O4 – Multifunctional Educational-Training Network Platform: discussion about design and architecture of the platform
  • O5 – MILAN Training Methodology: TalTech presented and started a discussion about the training methodology that will be followed in MILAN,
  • presentation of the approach for quality management and structure of Quality Management Plan, which was discussed among the partners,
  • dissemination and promotion – leaflet was prepared by BUT in English and printed copies were delivered during the meeting to the partners. 

In addition, thanks to moving the meeting to Bardejov, a short dissemination and consultation event was organized with the students of vocational school. During short event student ideas (among others) of modern forms of knowledge transfer were established.

The assumed goals have been achieved and as a result of the meeting the action list for the next 7 months was created.