Spojená škola Juraja Henischa Bardejov

Vocational school (polytechnical) as a branch of the united school of Juraj Henisch educates students in engineering, construction, electrical engineering. From four-year study fields are the mechanic adjuster (setting up, operation of NC and CNC machine tools), computer network engineer, mechanic, electrical and mechanical engineering construction and installation of equipment. Three years of training branches: car-repair (mechanic, electrician), electrician, mechanic, dry construction (drywall) and the installer (water, heating, gas). The centre of practical training at common school of Juraj Henisch is carried out for all departments. Training is provided in special classrooms for installers, education centres of build-installation equipment mechanics, welding school classroom and private garage. In the third and fourth year students carried out by our individual professional experience in more than 43 companies in Bardejov district in order to acquire professional skills in practice. Graduates advantage is that the electrical fields obtain a certificate of professional competence in electrical engineering. The school works also as welding part school, which enables all graduates also get welding license. In the past we have experience of project Comenius partnerships – school.