Expected outcomes

Expected project main impact is directly connected with utilization of project outcomes during and after realization of the project.

Potential impact for project participants/organizations:

  1. enlarge and improve the learning/training offer of Universities, Research centres and VET trainers by innovative curricula reachable by innovative and easy online tools
  2. training participants from partner organizations of Short-term joint staff training events will increase their vocational competences including creation of didactic contents and utilization of AR and VR technologies in education.

Potential impact for target groups and sectors

  1. school students from target groups will receive necessary knowledge connected with implementation of AR and VR technologies.
  2. participants of project Multiplier Events will increase own knowledge about possibility of implementation of AR and VR technologies in education.
  3. increase of business opportunities of future entrepreneurs and students who want to develop business in manufacturing sector
  4. ensure the successful realization of the target groups on the labour market in the fields of automation of the respective countries;
  5. increase of motivation of target groups and their commitment for life-long learning and career planning.
  6. increase of flexibility of entrepreneurs and employees who want to improve their qualification or re-qualify with respect to current market demands
  7. development of a new sophisticated and interactive approach to train SMEs employees and managers;
  8. facilitation of the training process for SMEs with limited human and financial resources

Potential impact for other relevant stakeholders

  1. MILAN contents and platform could be easily translated in all European languages and thus meet training needs of target groups in whole Europe
  2. development of new approach to learn and become skilled in the fields of automation, of the respective countries
  3. possibility to acquire a new knowledge
  4. opportunity to use the open and interactive platform of the project
  5. potential support the learners in their career planning and future profession orientation