Bialystok University of Technology (BUT)

Białystok University of Technology (BUT) was established in 1949 and is the largest technical university in north-eastern Poland. Nearly 7,000 students are educated at 6 faculties in the 1st cycle ( 3.5-year Engineering studies) and 2nd cycle (1.5 or 2-year Master’s) studies. The university also runs an interdisciplinary doctoral school and has a wide range of postgraduate studies. The Faculty of Computer Science, whose staff will be involved in the implementation of the project, has extensive experience in developing training programs in fields related to programming and the IT industry. People involved in the project have repeatedly participated in the creation of study programs in various fields of study at the Faculty of Computer Science.

The Faculty has been cooperating with the socio-economic environment for many years, thanks to which it has extensive knowledge in the field of matching the education offer to the needs of the labor market, and with academic centers around the world under bilateral scientific agreements. On the basis of this cooperation, teaching projects of national and international scope are carried out, also under the Erasmus + program.

The key people involved in the project, on the part of BUT, have experience in building study programs taking into account the trends in the IT labor market. In addition, they are academic teachers with many years of experience and high teaching methodology both in the field of higher education and professional vocational education. They are authors of courses on the e-learning platform of the BUT Faculty of Computer Science, mentors of research clubs and promoters of diploma theses.