Technical University of Crete

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TUC (Lab of Distributed Multimedia Information Systems and Applications at the Technical University of Crete – MUSIC) is a centre for teaching, research and development in the areas of Software Engineering, Distributed Information Systems, Web Applications and Services, Human-Computer Interaction and Design, and Graphics Systems.

TUC/MUSIC has participated in over 50 European research and development projects and European Excellence Networks ( ). In several, it was Prime Contractor and/or Technical Leader. In those projects collaborated with over 250 leading European Companies, Universities and Research Centers. The projects range from Excellence Networks to Long Term Research, to high-performance systems engineering, to applications and services, to digital TV systems, to digital business ecosystems. Several of them were related to education and learning through innovative pedagogical approaches including the use of ICT. In many of them, TUC/MUSIC has provided the eLearning infrastructure and tools to support online training/learning activities. Among them, is the Coursevo e-learning multimedia platform ( supporting several EU R&D projects, including MILAN. TUC/MUSIC has also participated in the major EU Excellence networks in Digital Libraries and Learning.

The engaged team in MILAN project consists of: Prof. Em. Stavros Christodoulakis, Dr. Polyxeni Arapi, M.Sc. Eng. Nikos Pappas, M.Sc. Eng. Yiannis Maragkoudakis